SenEnergy Max

Control actual hunger and boost energy

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Designed to control actual hunger and boost energy, the SenEnergy Max US patented modified food combination acts as a powerful hunger eliminator. SenEnergy Max consist of a proprietary blend of proteins, micro-elements and spices with 200mg of caffeine. No side effects.

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Product Details

Full Product Description

Sensotherapy capsules combat physical hunger, which affects the stomach when you have not eaten. The typical effect of a Sensotherapy capsule is 4-8 hours. With Sensotherapy pills, you can eat much less and still feel full and content.


One capsule every 4-6 hours as needed. Do not exceed recommended dosage.

Bottle Size

30 Capsules


Not recommended for children. Do not take if allergic to caffeine. Use alongside healthy diet & exercise.

Discontinue use if increased or abnormal heart rate, dizziness, or palpations occur.

Side Effects: Contains 200mg of caffeine – equivalent to 1 ½ cups coffee

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Product Reviews


4 Reviews

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  • it has worked very well for me!



    with the help of senso I have lost over 45 lbs in a very short amount of time

  • I recommend sensotherapy!



    Sensotherapy helps with hunger cravings and energy. I can tell a difference when I’m not taking it.

  • It helps


    My doctor

    These pills help with hunger and energy.

  • I am not Hungry

    Tony D,


    Taking the SenPrime I am not hungry. Taking the SenEnergyMax in the morning gives my so much energy. I highly recommend Sensotherapy to anyone.


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