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SenPrime will control your physical hunger with no side effects. The patented blend enables you to take it anytime during the day. Sensotherapy capsules combat physical hunger, which affects the stomach when you have not eaten. The typical effect of a Sensotherapy capsule is 4-8 hours. With Sensotherapy capsules, you can eat much less and still feel full and content.

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Designed to control actual hunger. SenPrime US patented modified food combination acts as a powerful hunger eliminator.

SenPrime Consist of a proprietary blend of proteins, micro-elements and spices. No side effects.


One capsule contains spices, amino acids, iron, zinc, magnesium, and methylcellulose.


One capsule ever 4-6 hours as needed. Don't exceed recommended dosage.

Bottle Size

30 Capsules


Not recommended for children. Use alongside healthy diet & exercise.

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Product Reviews


13 Reviews

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  • Loosing Weight and Keeping it Off


    A friend recommended it to me.

    This program has helped me lose over 50 pounds and, more importantly, keep them off. It has been easy to follow and I feel the capsules are very helpful in keeping me on schedule and aware of what I am eating. I have lost weight before, but it always came back because I was always thinking about food. This program lets you forget about eating all the time and do other things you enjoy, like dancing and going to ball games.

    I love being on this program and feel it has been a lifesaver for me. I can tie my shoes and put on pantyhose when I need to without it being a fight to bend over.

  • Only diet that has ever worked



    I have been on every diet that has come out. Sensotherapy is the only diet I’ve been on that has worked and has taught me the tools I need to know to keep the weight off. This is a lifestyle change, not really a diet. The Sensotherapy program has taught me how to eat healthy, and has provided me with tools for dealing with cravings and the difficult things that happen during any diet. I would highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to make a life change, not looking for a fad diet.

  • Great Products



    The Capsules help you that little extra motivation and edge to stick with your program and achieve your goals!

    Love the new packaging!

  • Makes loosing weight easy...really!

    Triggers Mom,

    referred by friend

    I’ve never put loosing weight and easy in the same sentence until I started these products! That’s exactly how it is, they keep my appetite suppressed, even during some high stress times. and I found, that when I’m not hungry, I’m not tempted to eat, and the weight comes off. It’s that easy and effective. even when I didn’t think I could loose weight I did! I’m so glad I found out about these products.

  • Sensotherapy is helpful.



    This is a helpful tool when trying to shed extra wt. and to maintain.

  • Life Changing



    Since I have been on the Sensotherapy program I have never felt better. Being able to control your appetite and eat right at my age has been life changing.

  • sensotherapy is great


    dr.s office

    it really curves the hunger

  • highly recomend



    sense has helped me get down to my goal and keep it off

  • Sensotherapy


    my daughter

    At 62 years old I have been trying to loose weight for years but the lbs.
    just kept racking up instead of down. I have been on sensotherapy (white, yellow and now blue) for 3 months and have been more than happy with the results. The loss is slow but steady and I am thrilled with the results. I would and have highly recommended this kind of weight loss to anyone. The office staff is wonderful.

  • recomiendo la sensotherapy


    Walk in

    bueno el mes pasado se me terminaron las pastillas de la farmacia y solo use las blancas y me ayudaron en no sentir hambre

  • Recommend!!!



    Recommend for wanting to lose weight!!

  • white cap


    walk in

    solamente le pongo tres estrellas porque estoy empezando con las amarillas ..
    el mes pasado use las blancas y si senti que me funcionaron por que ya no tenia la de la farmacia y solo tone blancas y no senti mucha hambre. este mes voy a empezar con las amarillas y vere como resultan
    . Claudia M.

  • Great weight loss product



    Definitely recommend Sensotherapy. Must use when trying to shed that baby weight!


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